Infugia offers a wide array of services to suit the needs of you or your company.

  • Web Development
    • Custom WordPress Development
  • Web Application Development
    • We develop highly stable back-end environments with Node.js
    • Sublime front-end AngularJS development for client side needs.
  • Graphics Design and Custom Digital Art
    • Fully custom websites on the design end of a project is our specialty. We prefer to build your project from the ground up.
    • Although we strongly recommend custom designs, sometimes we understand the needs of certain projects cannot sustain the cost. With special circumstance we will work with templates on projects, though only from a design standpoint. Custom code development is what we take pride in for security and consistency (rather than job security).
  • White Label
    • Work can be provided under the comfort of your company umbrella, with your branding. If you have your own designer and need our stellar development work or simply want to do work under your company name, we can accommodate your needs.

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